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Club History

The Gadsden Runners Club was started from a newly formed Facebook Group page created after a ladies group run at Noccalula Falls. The Facebook page was created for people interested in running in the Gadsden Area and to see if anyone was interested in forming a small running club. Immediately, excited runners called for a group meeting to discuss forming an area club. The first meeting was held at the YMCA meeting room on September 30, 2012 with over 30 attendees. An organizing committee was formed to discuss the merits of forming our own club. The committee met weekly for over 2 months and by the end of the year, the Facebook Group had turned into Gadsden Runners Club, Inc. GRC quickly adopted bylaws, nominated a Board of Directors and joined the Road Runners Club of America. Also, within those first months, GRC had its first membership drive at Mocs on the Rocks, participated in the Gadsden Christmas Parade, developed a logo for apparel, started selling apparel, created a website, and sponsored the first 5K called Etowah Heroes which was highly successful. By the beginning of 2013, Gadsden Runners Club had over 170 members and was an official non-profit organization through an affiliation with RRCA. While our club is named Gadsden Runners Club after the largest city in our area, we strive to improve running conditions and promote running activities throughout Etowah County.      


2017 GRC Officers

President                                             Kim McIntyre


Vice President                                    Kim Heath


Secretary                                             Susan Womack

Treasurer                                             Christi Robinson

Member At Large                              Glenn Ingram

2017 GRC Board Members 

Jeffery Morris                                      Rick Janss  

Kim Heath                                           Kim McIntyre  

Christi Robinson                                Susan Womack  

Janet Wilson                                       Zeke Routon  

Jim Copeland                                     Glenn Ingram  

Donna Lonnergan

Club Leaders

Grand Prix Director:                                     Kaci Abernathy               grandprix@gadsdenrunners.com 

Rookie Runners Director:                           Donna Lonnergan                rookierunners@gadsdenrunners.com   

Trail Runners Director:                                 Glenn Ingram              trailrunners@gadsdenrunners.com  

Women's Division Director:                        Brandi Clough              womensdivision@gadsdenrunners.com   

Youth Running Director:                             Kim McIntyre               youthrunning@gadsdenrunners.com   

Sponsorship Director:                                  Rick Janns                sponsorship@gadsdenrunners.com  

Apparel Director:                                          Becky Strunk                apparel@gadsdenrunners.com   

Social Director:                                             Brandi Nichols                socials@gadsdenrunners.com         

Equipment Director:                                   Eric Womack                equipment@gadsdenrunners.com  

1200 Miles Club:                                           Susan Womack                 1200Miles@gadsdenrunners.com  

Membership Director:                                Susan Stough                membership@gadsdenrunners.com  

Club Race Directors  

Etowah's Heroes 5K Run       

Becky Strunk/Casandra Maudsley 


Noccalula Falls Spring Trail Run    

Glenn Ingram                


Gadsden Rock n Run 15K/5K:       

Jeff Morris/Donna Lonnergan     


Dashe for the Stache 5K

Chris Robinson/Christi Robinson 


Kids Superhero Bolt 5K/1mi          

Kim McIntyre



Membership runs yearly from Jan 1  thru Dec 31.   

Renewals start in October of each year for the following year.


Membership Dues Information:       Individual-$25/year        Family-$30/year            Student-$12/year        

Dues include fees associated with the Road Runners Club of America, our governing body, and insurance for any races or events that we may hold. Dues also provide the money to support our growing club divisions such as the Women's Division, our Youth Running Program, Club Socials, the GRC hosted races, 1200 and 600 Mile Clubs and our Grand Prix Series. Membership allows you to participate in these activities.     

To Join:  https://runsignup.com/Club/AL/Gadsden/GadsdenRunnersClub        

If you sign up by paper form, your information will be entered into the website.  An email will be sent to you to claim and create your own account.

Membership Form (pdf)



GRC_Bylaws (pdf)


Meeting Minutes

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