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Grand Prix

Grand Prix Rules

1.Participants must run a minimum of 5 races to qualify for awards. 

 2.Participant's 8 highest race point totals will be counted for final results.  

3.When an event has multiple races, the higher mileage course will count towards the GP.  

***the only exception to this is for the 14 and under age groups and under will only get points for the shorter distance when a longer distance is available. 15 and up will receive points for the longer distance. Ex: Rock n run 15k/5k. 14 and under get points for 5k and 15 and up get points for 15k.  Anyone in Grand Prix may do the distance of their choice but it may not count for grand prix points, according to these rules.  Kid's Superheroes Bolt is for 14 and under only. It will count as a GP event for these age groups. It does not count as a GP volunteer race for other age groups.  

4. The Grand Prix is open to all GRC members in good standing but you must email   grandprix@gadsdenrunners.com before your first Grand Prix race to have your results tallied for that event. I will not accept any entry request on race day or by any way besides email. You may enter Grand Prix until mid year.  

5.Participants final age group will not change in the year and is based on their first GP event.  

6.To be eligible for GP awards, participants must volunteer at one Grand Prix event. There will be a sign in sheet at the GRC tent for you to sign in for your volunteer work. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RUNNER. If you do not sign-in, you will not get points. Also you cannot volunteer and run that same race. Volunteering must be completed by the last Grand Prix race or you are not eligible for awards.  

**New for 2017**  You may earn BONUS VOLUNTEER POINTS by being on a Gadsden Runners Club Race Committee for Etowah Heroes 5k, Kids Superhero Bolt 5k, Spring Trail Run, Gadsden Rock n Run, or Dasche for the Stache 5k. These Bonus Points are at the discretion of the race director. These points are worth 2 pts and can count as your volunteer obligations. With these BONUS POINTS you may also run the race. If you choose not to run the race and stay and volunteer during the  race, you also get the regular 2 points, 4 if it is Rock n Run, on top of your Bonus Volunteer points.   

Point System   Points will be awarded as follows in separate categories for men and women:  

1st Overall-  28  2nd Overall- 26  3rd Overall-  24  Masters, Grandmasters or Great- Grandmasters- 22  

Age Groups-  1st- 20  2nd-18  3rd-16  4th-14  5th-12  6th-10  7th- 8  8th- 6  9th- 4  10th or greater-2   

Volunteer Points-  2 points awarded for volunteering a GP event. 

No points will be awarded if the participant also runs the event, with the exception of Bonus Point Committee Members.(see New for 2017) 4 points will be awarded for volunteering for the Gadsden Rock n Run.  

A Race Director for a GP event will be awarded 20 points. It can also count as one of their required 5 Grand Prix Races. Co-Directors also receive 20 points.  

Age Groups- 5 year increments  0-9  10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44      45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70+   

Year End Awards-  Grand Prix Overall Winners- Top 3 Males and Females with highest overall point totals from any of the age groups.  Grand Prix Age Group Awards- Top 3 male and female finalists in each age group.  

Grand Prix Prize- Every Grand Prix Finalist will receive a unique Grand Prix prize.   

Results-  Results will be updated monthly on the Grand Prix spreadsheet and posted on the Grand Prix website page and the GRC Facebook page. Corrections of errors is the responsibility of the member within 2 months of posting.